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Becoming a donor


Becoming a donor

To become a stem cell donor, you must be a healthy individual between the age of 18 and 40. As we can usually extract the stem cells from your blood, there is no anesthesia required. In addition to the stem cell extraction, we also perform a few medical checks and take some blood samples.

1. Sign up
Present yourself at the donor centre. There you will receive a clear explanation from a doctor, who will also check to see if your body is suitable for donating stem cells.

2. Agree to becoming a donor
If you are prepared to become a donor, you will be asked to sign a release form. You will then be included in the worldwide donor database. From that time you are committed to donating stem cells if a patient needs them, although you have the option of pulling out if you really do not want to go through with it.

We take a blood sample to determine your tissue type. That way, we can link it with the patient’s at a later stage.

If we need your stem cells, this is how it works:

1. You will be notified when a patient needs your stem cells
The donor centre will contact you and ask if you are still willing to be a donor. If that is the case, a few blood samples will be taken to check that everything is ok. We will then make an appointment for the donation.

2. We prepare the donation
At least three weeks prior to the extraction of the stem cells, we perform a complete medical check up. That includes, among other things, a chest X-ray. During the last five days, you are given two injections a day with growth factors. These enable us to collect the stem cells from your blood. Most patients respond well to the injections. Flulike symptoms can occur in a minority of cases.

3. You donate your stem cells
The donation takes place in a hospital or blood transfusion centre. We take blood from one arm, extract the stem cells and return your blood to your body via the other arm. It does not hurt and the entire procedure takes around four hours.

4. We give you a check up
We give you a check up one week, one month and one year after the donation to make sure everything is ok.

Become a donor! Contact us.